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Top 3 Cyber Security New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again – New Year Resolutions are being made as we speak! Come Monday, gyms will be full, alcohol and cigarette sales would dip, and pastry shops would be empty. In case you are making your new year’s resolutions, consider

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Hidden Privacy Settings of Facebook that You Must Know

When you think about privacy, probably the last name that comes to your mind is Facebook. Facebook has been oft-criticized for having very confusing privacy settings. This results in most users not having the right settings and thereby losing their private data. Recently, Facebook has

No, You Won’t Get HTTPS Security

When you are dealing online, you expect a few basic security features from the website. Many of them provide exceptional security, whereas other don’t. But occasionally, you come across few which won’t even provide HTTPS to secure your communication. Even in this day and age,

How to Protect Your Online Identity – Part 1

Who here doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account? Obviously, everyone! We strive to have a vibrant online presence and as such, end up sharing a lot of personal information with strangers – yes, most of your “friend” list is full of strangers! With so